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Operational Training Courses – for freelance/independent engineers

Are you a freelance engineer in need of a refresher?
Got an upcoming booking on unfamiliar kit?
Trying to get a job in a studio – but inexperienced on the gear?

TISO further offers product, application and skills update training to freelance engineers and assistants. Arranged on demand, and conducted in a privately leased commercial studio facility, this is an effective solution for operators with a desire to gain or improve specific skills to qualify for a new position, or lacking necessary experience for a forthcoming contract.

This package will also suit studio owners unable to close their facility for on-site training purposes, or wishing to individually train new staff requiring some crucial skills.

• Course conducted in conveniently located facilities, replicating your normal operating environment.
• Attendance cost can be reduced according to numbers.
• Individual training can be arranged.
• Flexible package customised to your specific needs, with considerable ‘hands-on’ practical time.
• Fulfils the need for brief training, instead of the usual commercial course times, lengths and costs.

We can also:
Conduct Service/Studio Maintenance Training Courses

Give college/audio course lectures
• equipment-specific practicals
• general mixing console theory
• studio operations and management

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"I am very pleased with the SSL Avant training course that Simon has (twice now) provided for us at Media Centre Lume. Simon´s ability to present digital mixing and surround monitoring, and his detailed knowledge of the Avant console is exceptional. I also admire his skills in training international students using precise language and easily understood English. We have already agreed a third course for next Autumn."
– Matti Kuortti, Professor of Sound Design, School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design.

The Integrated Solutions Organisation courses are not an alternative to the full-time 'audio production' courses offered by formal educational establishments etc. to industry novices; instead our training is complementary to such courses, comprising specific and important products or applications not necessarily covered in-depth at the college.

:: training  :: sample course


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