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Custom Client-Site Training – for Music, Broadcaster & Film Studios

We will train you and your staff on your premises to achieve optimum performance from the considerable investment you have already made in your studio.

Our trainers, as experienced engineers will pass on their accumulated knowledge of analogue and digital recording and mixing techniques, together with state-of-the-art issues, such as surround monitoring, the transition to digital and digital and DAW integration, and standards.

TISO offers studio staff the unique opportunity to receive practical instruction in their own working environment. Engineers trained within their facility and under professional operating conditions are exceptionally well qualified to achieve optimum performance and thereby increase the studio’s revenues.

Each programme is customised specifically to the needs of it's participants, and can remain flexible throughout, so the depth of material and the detail covered is dependant upon their existing skills and knowledge; from audio production or system overviews for the inexperienced to the focussed and comprehensive for the experienced. Our enjoyable courses typically include some theory – to establish a thorough technological or methodical grounding – progressing to ‘hands-on’ practicals.

Training JPG
Training at Guang Dong Television - China

"Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I will remember.
Involve me, and I will understand."

TISO conducts training courses to impart expert knowledge and skills that can instantly be implemented in the workplace.

Arranging on-site training is an effective method of making the most of your (probably limited) training budget. Programmes are charged by the day rather than per attendee. Travel and accommodation etc. expenses can be substantially reduced.

• Course content is 100% relevant, no redundant material
• On-site training allows maximum staff attendance and so reduces your costs
• Package customised according to your staff's specific needs
• Courses available independently or as a complete or long-term package

What are the benefits – the value – of investing in training for your studio?
Training offers significant direct and tangible benefits: Engineers possessing a greater appreciation and understanding of their resources, with improved techniques and advanced skills, acquire increased confidence and functional flexibility and so can operate with greater speed and efficiency to the highest possible standard.

Why is such an investment needed by your studio at all?
Most training in professional recording studios (and pre- and post-production studios) follows the traditional apprenticeship model, basically ‘look and learn’; incomplete knowledge and bad habits are often passed on unquestioned. Moreover those new staff who have attended audio college courses commonly lack some of the required and critical knowledge or skills. Furthermore, few operators or engineers ever read manuals, which are generally poorly written or inadequately translated anyway. Consequently most equipment is not employed most effectively, with many features remaining unexplored and unexploited. Even in Broadcasters (and film dubbing studios), where staff development tends to be more formal, most new equipment is supplied without training. It is those lesser known features and 'power user' tricks that offer your staff much greater flexibility and choice, giving them an advantage, and impresses your clients.

What training is needed in your studio?
For you to gain the full value from our programmes, we can also conduct a pre-training needs analysis to ensure that all courses contribute to achieving your objectives.

The Integrated Solutions Organisation takes pride in the services that it offers, and we are positive that you will find our training meets your objectives. Attendees complete our courses with greater confidence in their ability to achieve their professional goals.

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