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From our highly experienced team of service engineers, technicians and product specialists, TISO can supply expert studio support, particularly for installation work, and outsourced maintenance functions. Our engineers can inform on – and help undertake – your transition to digital, digital systems integration and/or standards implementation.

In a dramatically changing industry, reflected in the growth of independent pre-production rooms/suites and ‘project studios’ often being employed in preference to large scale commercial recording studios, it is generally considered uneconomical to employ full-time technicians to service many facilities. Furthermore there is currently a shortage of qualified and experienced personnel.

TISO can provide this essential reinforcement through:
• Studio support contracts
• Emergency technical support
• Single product service/maintenance contracts
• Long term operational support contracts

We also offer project consultation, specification and management services.

We can also:
Conduct Service/Studio Maintenance Training Courses

Our service engineers and product specialists are 'SSL gurus', and can assist or answer any technical and operational questions concerning SSL consoles (analogue and digital), especially the 'classic' and vintage analogue, and S- and A-Series digital desks.

console JPG

Much of the 'classic' equipment still in use in studios around the world is in excess of 15, 20 or even 30 years old, still operating in highly demanding conditions and fulfilling daunting workloads. To continue to exploit the technological and creative advantages offered by your equipment, long-term care and attention from suitably experienced personnel is essential.

TISO would be extremely happy to take care of any technical issues, and the maintenance of the products in your facility.


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