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TISO :: SSL Console Training & Technical Support Specialists

Our trainers are highly experienced sound engineers, having worked with many leading artists in recording studios, mobile units and concert venues worldwide, and have trained many of the world's major music, film, and broadcasting facilities.

TISO is well qualified to offer its expertise to your facility: Having been approached in the past by many training clients for advice, long-term input and access to competent technicians, TISO comprises a team of collaborating specialist practitioners from each field, so avoiding the common 'jack of all trades, but master of none' syndrome.

Our clients benefit from wide experience gained over many years in professional audio, which has embraced sound engineering, studio design, analogue and digital service and maintenance, product management and customer support for high profile employers.

This enables us to provide a complete range of services including advice regarding state-of-the-art issues, such as the transition to digital, and deal with everything from studio acoustics and surround monitoring, to systems design, equipment selection and installation. Furthermore we can supply one-off technical solutions, and will gladly undertake custom electronics projects.

We can also help you achieve the best results from your demo/project studio. Whatever project you present to us, we always appreciate that your facility is your income. So our overriding purpose is to provide the most practical and cost-effective results for your needs, within the constraint of your budget and time, and with an emphasis on realistic and objective planning.

TISO specialises (though by no means exclusively) in SSL mixing consoles.

Training JPG

YYYD Chief Engineer Dindae Sheena being instructed in the finer points of the SSL SL9000J Series console (with ever cheerful TISO technician Russell Keys sitting in the background)

The Integrated Solutions Organisation is an independent company, with no formal affiliation to any
other pro-audio service provider or manufacturer, and as such all advice given is strictly impartial.

:: the team  :: studio credits


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