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Brian Gaylor
1952 – 2003

Brian Gaylor was tragically killed in a hang gliding accident on Friday April 4th 2003. Brian was a hugely popular and gifted character loved and admired by many in the London studio scene.

Brian started out as a tape op in Wardour Street, but only to allow himself free studio time for his own enterprises! He then worked at Ridge Farm Studios as a tech, having spent time with YES and Jon Anderson in both musical – with synth and electronic noises (typical!) credits on a couple of his albums – and technical capacities. Moving onwards, he became Technical Manager at the Roundhouse Studios and eventually an integral part, as designer and then Manager, of Stanley House Studios, where his innovative approach to control room acoustics attracted great interest and acclaim. Those early ambitions were fulfilled in 1985 with an appearance on Top of the Pops playing guitar with The Regents playing their only hit “17”.

Most recently he developed, built and independently marketed ‘The Whizzer’, a machine control device (for interfacing SSL consoles to audio workstations and hard disc recorders) he had conceived at the Roundhouse ten years previously. At the time of his death he was bringing his insight and vision to a new recording studio being built by TISO in Oxfordshire.

Those who witnessed Brian’s ingenuity were not surprised by his desire, discussed at length and evolved over many years, to produce a revolutionary new kind of light aircraft. This led him into hangliding, he had flown in Brazil, Spain, Lanzarote and all over the UK. Ironically his dream was finally being brought to fruition, as he had recently completed his concept’s unique design and specifications, and was attempting to raise the finance necessary to manufacture the proprietary components.

Brian was both the funniest and cleverest yet down to earth person, and never aged a day over the many years we knew him. I’m sure everyone would agree that Brian was a true gentleman, an incredibly positive, charismatic and totally irreplaceable friend and individual.

Brian leaves many many grieving friends, and most sadly two daughters, Daisy and Clemie, to whom he was a wonderful and inspirational father.

Simon & John

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